10 Must Know Resume Tips To Secure Your Dream Job

  • Post Written by John Kairupan on October 24, 2009

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The following is a guest post written by John Kairupan. John is a success coach who helps others discover their passion and find the right job or career suitable for them.

I thought to write something about our current job situation in which politicians and economists are saying that we are no longer in the recession mode. But the job market still kind of sucks and there are still so many people without a job, or looking for better career opportunities.  So one of the question is how can I get a job?

Well, the first thing one need to do is to create a resume. But what makes a resume an extraordinary resume and how can you make sure that your resume will be seen?

First of all, make sure that your resume is well written and will attract a potential employer to want to read more about you.  Do not assume that “one resume style fits all,” because your past experience and next job target should determine your resume’s type, design and content.

As a resume writer you need to  distinguish between chronological resumes and functional (or skills) resumes.  A “chronological resume” is more like a photo or a snapshot history of what you did and when you did it. A “functional resume” is more like a painting or an interpretive sketch of what you can do for a future employer. 

Another kind of resume also know as a “combination resume” is a mix of chronological and functional. A chronological resume and a functional resume are not always that different; often, all that is needed for a functional resume to qualify as a combination resume is the inclusion of some dates, such as those for positions held.

There are many examples of good written resumes relating to your specialty - Gallery of Best Resumes: A Collection of Quality Resumes by Professional Resume Writers 10 Must Know Resume Tips To Secure Your Dream Job  written by David F. Noble would be an excellent book to acquire as a resource.

Writing a resume takes time and is an art. Here are 10 simple but essential resume tips to successfully secure your dream job.

1. Have a high quality, professional looking photo of yourself positioned at the top middle or top left side of the page – the photo is the first thing an employer sees, so use your photo to make a good first impression.

2. Make your objective statement focused, interesting, and unique so that it grabs the reader’s attention. Highlight your objective in bold – this is the second thing an employer will see.

3. In the “Experience” section, state achievements or accomplishments, not duties or responsibilities. If you feel you must indicate duties, call attention to special or unusual duties you performed.

4. Instead of just listing your achievements, present them as very brief stories, perhaps including what you did when something went wrong or needed fixing.

5. When skills and abilities are varied, group them according to categories for easier comprehension.

6. To make your promotion stand out, list your work experiences chronologically with the range of dates for each position.

7. Summarize your qualifications and work experiences to avoid having to repeat yourself in the job description.

8. Create a prominent ”skills” or ”abilities” section that draws together those skills and abilities you have gained in previous work experiences from different careers.

9. Make your resume scannable and easy to read. Be emphatic and concise. Use good grammar but cut out any unnecessary words. Employers may have to review hundreds or thousands of other resumes.

10. Use a high quality grade of paper that has some texture and perhaps some color without being to extreme. Stand out from the crowd in a subtle way.

In addition to these resume tips, I have included some other valuable strategies to secure your dream job and you may want to consider them before even sending out your resume.

  • Talk to relatives, friends, and other acquaintances to meet people who can hire you before a job is available.
  • Contact employers directly, using the “Yellow Pages” to identify types of organizations that could use a person with your skills.
  • Create phone scripts to speak with the person who is most like to hire someone with your background and skills.
  • Walk into a business in person to talk directly to the one who is most likely to hire someone like you.
  • With advancing technology, the internet is an excellent resource for posting and finding resume. Consider online sites such as Resume Rabbit, Monster.com and Workopolis who can broadcast and distribute your resume to numerous top career sites.

When you are this active in searching for a job, the quality of your resume confirms the quality of your efforts to get to know the person who might hire you, as well as your worth to the company whose workforce you want to join.

An eye catching resume makes it easy for you to sell yourself directly to the prospective employer.  If your resume is mediocre or conspicuously flawed, it will work against you and may undo all of your good efforts in searching for a job.

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5 Comments on “10 Must Know Resume Tips To Secure Your Dream Job”

  • Jai kai - SharingSuccess.TV said:

    Great simple tips for those wanting an extraordinary resume.

  • Ideas With A Kick said:

    Hey John,

    I like your resumes tips, especially those about stating and presenting achievements, which are ideas I often tell my clients and I found them to be the most powerful advice regarding a CV.

    Presenting them as brief stories, I think can be a big challenge, as it’s easy to go into to much details. One of my recommendations here is using Indicators of Performance to quantify your achievements more exactly.


  • John Kairupan (author) said:

    Eduard: Thanks for your comment – Indicators of Performance will indeed give the prospective employer a clearer picture of your achievements.

  • Andrew Peltzer said:

    I thought I would leave my first comment, Thank you and I will want to read more from you.

  • Jai kai - SharingSuccess.TV said:

    @ Andrew – thanks for dropping by and leaving your first comment

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