5 Steps to Ignite your Passion

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on July 9, 2009
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Passion is the fuel which sets us on fire. No one is going to be more passionate about your life and the gifts that you give yourself. Passion is a gravitational force which pulls you towards achieving your potential. It inspires and helps you aspire higher and see further than those lacking it. It is the emotional energy you bring into your work or your life. The energy can never be faked. It comes from a commitment to what you love doing and doing it for the people who matter to you.

The good news is that you can ignite your passion. Passion can also be created and stoked – that it is up to you!

Passionate people distinguish themselves. They innovate, create and change the way things are done. They are willing to break the rules. They are driven by powerful motives- a sense of self-worth, self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

When you are driven by passion, you are enthusiastic and energetic. You become big on the inside and you light the lives of others with your fire.

What are you passionate about? To discover that, ask yourself the question: What would I like to spend the rest of my life doing? Even if you cannot immediately find what your life’s purpose is, then until you find your purpose, continue to do things with passion, purpose, energy and intention. When you do things purposefully, with attention, energy and intention, sometimes the purpose will emerge.

In the everyday world, most of us do not have the time or resources to focus exclusively on things we are passionate about. The solution is to do everything with passion. Live life passionately.

All too often, it is easy for us to convince ourselves that our dream job will never materialize. So we give up trying to find it and go through the motions of the job we already have. If you do just enough to get by in your present job, you may be able to keep it but that is about the best you can hope for. By doing your job with passion, enthusiasm, creativity and energy, you make yourself increasingly valuable to those around you. When that happens, your opportunities will expand and the possibilities that open up may surprise you.

Passion requires discipline to turn it into action. Successful people are passionate people driven by their passion. Their passion moves them beyond the ordinary and their obligations, onto the things they most love to do because they know those are the things they do best.

Action Steps to Ignite Your passion

1. Everyday ask yourself what excites you and feels good to you. Follow the delights of your heart by doing at least one thing that excites you. No matter how simple it may be, you may find yourself in surprising places.

2. Take a class that interests you – pick up a skill you have been wishing you had. For example take a guitar lesson, a cooking class or enroll in a course that teaches you a new language you’ve always wanted to learn.

3. Reach out to others you respect for their passion. If you surround yourself with passionate people of the same interests you will feed off their energy making you more passionate.

4. Start a group of like-minded people with similar goals or ideas. Similar to the one above, you can feed of each others passion.

5. Dialogue with your soul. Take time to seek your passion and purpose through silence, retreat and journal writing. It can be done over a long weekend or every lunch hour over a period of time. In time, something will emerge.

What do you do to ignite your passion…?

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3 Comments on “5 Steps to Ignite your Passion”

  • Sunny R said:

    Thx for the article. At this time I am finding myself in a familiar position. The circle of employment when I know I am capable of so much more. I am finding that I am in some what of a dream job where much is not expected of me. Work is close, I have plenty of holidays, a flexible schedule and good money. The thing is that I am starting to feel like I am not being of service in the way I know I can be. Thus I am limiting myself for a status quo lifestyle. I know things change and its my turn to initiate a change on my behave.

    The things I’m passionate about are health, wealth, spirituality, free time, creative writing and other such artistic work. How am I going to move toward that direction? Is the question I’ve asked and the answers will be revealed to me. Things move fast these days and our hearts are ever more open to the Universe. So feel my beat and guide me on my journey.

    Thx for the article.

  • vipul said:


  • Madeleine said:

    Jai, I really like the way you discuss igniting passion in your life in a general way and then give specific action steps.

    To answer your questions: I’m passionate about health and communication, and–as I get older–I’m passionate about experiencing the positive realities of aging, not the limiting myths.

    To ignite my passion, I keep learning, and I communicate my experience in the hope that others may discard some of the harmful myths, such as “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

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