5 Ways To Plan Your Success

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on September 23, 2009
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Success is something you can create on a daily basis but the most important factor for becoming successful in your business, relationships, career and health is to have a plan. A plan manages your time effectively and can be one of your best friends. Successful people have successful plans which employ several different types of strategies. When you develop a plan using these strategies, you optimize your effort to ensure that you concentrate as much of your time and energy as possible on the high payoff tasks. This means that you achieve the greatest benefit possible with the limited amount of time available to you.

The Effects of Time.

How often do you find yourself running out of time? Is it weekly, daily or hourly? For many of us, it seems that there is just never enough time in the day to get everything done. When you know how to manage your time, you gain control. Rather than busily working here, there, and everywhere without direction, make the conscious choice on what to work on and when. This is essential in planning your success. The following are 5 invaluable but often over-looked ways to plan your success

1. Commit time to planning

Knowing how to plan your success requires time, and because planning is often overlooked or disregarded, the first step and the most effective approach is to set aside some time to plan. Commit 30 minutes or so toward establishing a practical, daily plan. This might seem like a waste of time, but spending the time now saves time later, and like anything, the more often you do it, the better you become.

Note: It wouldn’t be uncommon if, for the first few days or weeks, you were somewhat over-ambitious in estimating your ability to achieve certain things each day. As you continue to plan you gradually get more familiar with your limitations, and your days will become more productive.

The time of day that what works best for me is at night before bedtime. That way I can wake up fist thing in the morning and get a good start to the day.

2. Create a proper “To-Do” List

This is a list of tasks you need to carry out in order of priority, with the most important tasks at the top of the list, and the least important tasks at the bottom. By keeping a to-do list, you make sure that you capture all of the tasks you have to complete in one place. If you forget, you have a ready source of reference. Create a separate to-do-list for business and for home. That way, you ensure a proper balance between work and home. If one list gets too long, edit it, trim it, and cut it.

3. Prioritize

By prioritizing work, you plan the order in which you will do things, so you can tell what needs your immediate attention, and what you can quietly forget about until later. This helps you avoid work overload. It may be that you have to carry the non-priority tasks over, from week to week. And you may not be able to complete some tasks for several months. Do not worry, just stick to the plan unless some of the low priority jobs start to assume some urgency.

4. Create a Simple Success Plan

The easiest way to do this is simplify your life and find ways to do less. The best guide I have seen so far, is Leo Babauta’s amazing new ebook The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life. Click here to view more details He takes you right through the necessary steps to really simplify everything you do. I use Google calendar as a way to simplify and manage my time. Remember to schedule your time by first identifying what time you have. Block of time for working alone on major tasks. If someone wants to meet you during that time, say “I’m sorry, I already have an appointment.” Don’t pack your day full of activities. Leave time for unplanned situations, special opportunities, relaxing and creative thinking. Always plan time for family, fitness, recreation, social and spiritual activities. Balance is essential for success.

5. Use an activity log

This is a useful tool for running an audit on the way you use your time. It can help you to track changes in your energy, alertness and effectiveness throughout the day. You will be able to identify those times of day when you are most effective. That way, you can schedule your most important tasks during those times. Activity logs are essential in helping you to analyze how you actually spend your time. The first time you use an activity log you may be shocked to see the amount of time that you waste! Memory is a very poor guide when it comes to this, as it can be too easy to forget time spent on non-priority tasks. I use a simple note pad(with dates and time) and a pen to record my logs

Remember that everything we plan and do takes us one step closer to achieving our goals and desires which ultimately makes us successful. Choose to plan wisely. Follow these simple 5 steps to create more success in everything you do.

To learn how to be more productive, simplify your life and enhance your success, I really recommend purchasing and reading The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life.

Click here to view more details

Here is what this ebook will teach you:

* Clearing clutter and reducing your possessions

* Figuring out what’s necessary, and how to be content with less

* Simplifying your schedule, your work, and living a less stressful life

* Creating a minimalist workspace, home, computer, financial life, diet and fitness program

* How to go paperless and digitize your life

15 Comments on “5 Ways To Plan Your Success”

  • Jeff H. said:

    Great advice once again. I used to hate thinking of myself as a ‘list’ person, but have come to realize the value of having a documented list (almost on a daily basis). Things get hectic and its too easy to forget things that were so important just an hour earlier. Write things down.

    I work with a daily list, and with a weekly list, and with a long term list. And those lists are always changing. A few good minutes organizing your priorities, makes the rest of your minutes the most productive without a doubt.

    Web Ideas Online Blog

  • Walter said:

    I’m guilty of wasting my time, actually I spend much of my time procrastinating.
    However, I have emancipated; succeed needs proper planning and what you have elaborated above are excellent ways to start. Still, a person’s character will decide his/her success.

  • Justin- AlittleBetter.net said:

    I’ve never heard of an activity log, interesting strategy.

    Failing to plan is planning to fail.

  • John Kairupan said:

    I find that Investing in these time management techniques/activities will actually save you time, helping you work smarter, not harder. What’s more, these same techniques help you beat work overload – a key source of stress.
    Like I used to do,being being a procrastinator I worked as many hours in the day as other people (and often work longer hours) but then I discovered that I invested my time in the wrong tasks. Sometimes this is simply because not understandng the difference between urgent tasks and important tasks, and jump straight into getting on with urgent tasks that aren’t actually important.

  • Julia said:

    great tips. I write a weekly action plan and a daily plan. This definitely helps keep me on track. I love the idea of an activity log. I am sure we would all find additional time that we could us more productively.

  • Jai Kai - SharingSuccess.tv said:

    @Jeff, you’re right, it is important to have a long term list as well as a short term list.

    @ Walter, yes good character, excellent attitude and a great personality also enhances your success.

    @ John, you have made a good point, define what is really important and do those tasks… often we have it in our head that we need to do certain things, which really wouldn’t impact us as much… Ask yourself how much impact it would have if you skipped a few things that you felt needed to be done.

    @ Julia, The activity log really works to help us save time and be more efficient and effective. It takes time to do this, however it is worth it in the long run.

    Thank you everyone for your comments

  • Anastasiya said:

    I loved all of your tips. I especially liked your idea of using 2 to-do lists: one for work, one for home. I have never tried it before and I think that this will work great for me. I usually have a weekly to-do list that has all my tasks but breaking it down into home and work will make it only easier to follow.

  • aman rai said:

    I am always running out of time… it’s hard to plan my day with a little baby…. but I find when I prioritize things get done….thanks for the other tips I may try a do list.

  • Madeleine said:

    It’s so interesting to me how the idea of logging what you’re doing–whether it’s eating food, getting physical activity, spending money, or anything else–is the key to knowing what you’re actually doing.

    And you’re so right that when you start to keep track of an activity, the results can be a huge relevation. Who knew you were wasting so much time or eating so much food or frittering away so much money? We honestly think that we’re doing better than we really are. That’s one reason why studies which rely on self-reporting of behavior aren’t very reliable. Well done!

  • Steven Aitchison said:

    Hi Jai, great set of tips here. I have used, what you call, an activity log before and it’s amazing to see where time is being spent during the day.

  • Belinda Munoz said:

    Jai, good tips. Thank you.

    What has worked for me, especially if looks like it’s still a while to go to get to the goal, is to look back and appreciate the progress I’ve made. Sort of like tracking my progress. By doing this, I “cheer myself on” so to speak and keep going knowing that it’s only a matter of time before I get to the desired goal.

  • Jai Kai - SharingSuccess.tv said:

    @ Madeleine – good point, you can use activity logs to track a lot of things that you do including eating, exercising and spending money. It’s great to experiment, have fun.

    @ Belinda – Yes, great point. I use appreciation as the single most important tool to accomplish my goals and achieve success. Appreciation affirms with positive feelings that you have already achieved your desires on an energetic level.

  • Arvind Devalia said:

    Great tips Jai.

    In the past I have also used a “Not to do list” which would have things on it like surfing, constant email checking, wathcing TV, day dreaming etc.

    Worked for me really well, and then one day I added to the list “Not to create a Not to do list”:-) – and now I just focus on the to do list.

    I would also add an extra step – acknowledge and celebrate your successes at the end of the day / week /month. Review and see what is working for you and what is not – then plan the next period accordingly.

  • Imelda Z. Wynn said:

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  • Oren said:

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