6 Steps on How to Receive Success

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on June 16, 2009
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We live in an orderly and abundant universe. When you wish to manifest, your intent must be strong and direct. However, it is just as important to know, and to fully feel that you deserve what it is you are wanting. If you have the slightest doubt of deserving it, that will stop the creative flow from bringing it forth.

Many of us feel it is wrong and weak to receive assistance from others. You are too proud to ask for help, too fearful to voice a need for support. You are afraid to shine for fear of inviting envy from our friends. You are afraid of being wealthy because you are stealing from someone else. Very few of us believe we are entitled to a life of abundance, health, joy, creativity, harmony and most important of all, love.

Life can be fantastic and truly fulfilling. But often you hit a comfort level and you cannot go past it. This comes about because of your limiting beliefs. You construct a ceiling on the amount you deserve. Such beliefs stem from a scarcity consciousness that there is not enough to go around. The good news is that because it is your own belief, you have the ability to change it and replace it with a more life-supporting one.

There is more than enough to go around. This is an ever-expanding Universe and it does not choose or have favorites. It wants to give us so much if we would let it in. To let it in, use your imagination, and make believe that you have what you want, feel the pleasure it gives you and act as if it is now yours.

You must put your intention out there with confidence that it will happen. Remember you have to release the desire and the thought. Do not dwell on it. Every so often, give it a thought, especially a playful thought. That gives the Universe a chance to do its work and to align the energies appropriately. Be open to accepting and receiving, but also do so without being attached to the outcomes.

“Abundance can be had simply by consciously receiving what already has been given.” – Sufi saying. Being ready to receive requires you first take care of what you already have. You should be happy with what you get and what you receive. This sends out the message to the Universe that you will take good care for the bounty that it is ready to pour into our laps.

Signal your willingness to receive. Pick up every penny you come across. You are then signaling that you are deserving and ready to accept all money that comes your way, no matter how insignificant it is. Being an excellent receiver also means getting rid of any mental and emotional blocks to abundance. You can do so by creating a list of financial goals and creating vision boards of what your increased abundance will allow you to do, be or have.

Successful people do not question their success. They know fully that they are deserving of every success they have had, every achievement, and every cent they have earned. They are not wrapped up in guilt that they have more. This gives them the impetus to go out and create more, to make productive contributions to the world around them. Start following these simple steps in the action steps below to receive abundance and success.

Action Steps on How to Receive Success

1. Write down exactly what you want to receive or manifest. Perhaps you cut something out of a magazine or print something form the internet.

2. Affirm daily in front of a mirror out loud “I deserve to have…(what you want) or I deserve to be …..(wealthy, to be loved, to be healthy, to be successful). Pick a phrase that resonates with what you intend to receive.

3. Act and feel as though you already have what you want.

4. Create a vision board of the images and things you would like to receive. Look at it and reflect upon it each day.

5. Whenever you receive something, whether you wanted it or now, or regardless of how small & insignificant it may be, really appreciate it.

6. Say “thank you” to the next person who pays you a compliment. Tell your family, friends and the people that you associate with that you appreciate them in your life.

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    It’s good to have reminders of these things.

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