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  • Post Written by Jai Kai on August 15, 2009
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Welcome everyone. Today I have a special Blog post . If you are looking for some secrets, strategies and tips on how to live a life full of health, vigor and vitality then you are exactly where you need to be.  

Today we are featuring a full length interview from one of the most prominent health, wellness and fitness gurus in the world. This extraordinary uncut interview of Brad King is featured on our Really Big Interviews Program where you can get access to the world’s top success coaches, gurus and leaders from around the world. Click on the read more and scroll down to the bottom of this post to listen to your interview now while it’s up. Enjoy…

Here is a little info about Brad…

Brad King has been referred to as one of the most influential health mentors of our time and is widely recognized as one of Canada’s most sought after authorities on nutrition, obesity, longevity and men’s health. Aside from being an inductee into the prestigious Canadian Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame, he is also the head sports nutritionist for Athletes United; one of the worlds most esteemed sports organizations and sits on the board of directors for CHI—the premiere sports nutrition education center.

Brad’s depth of knowledge and sense of humor make him a popular keynote speaker and he receives testimonials on a daily basis from those whose lives he has changed… for more information visit his website at

Brad King Podcast

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