How To Dance Your Way To Success

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on June 30, 2009
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Have you ever thought about how dancing can allow you to become more expressive and creative in your endeavours? Have you ever though about letting yourself lose and moving in ways you never though possible? Well, I have news for you! Dancing is an amazing way to let go of inhibitions and to channel creative energy in all aspects of your life. Dancing helps open the door to new possibilities and allows yourself to really express who you are and what you feel. The question is, how do you learn to dance creatively and expressively without fear of ridicule and judgement from others and yourself. The simple answer is to take dance lessons with someone who is experienced and teaches expressive and creative dance. Someone who can help you step out of your comfort zone and over come any fears you have about dancing.

If you haven’t yet heard of the dance troupe Pilobolus then let me tell you a little bit about them. They are naked, funny, creative and expressive in their dance routines. The all star Pilobolus dance troupe that was created in 1971 is gaining more and more popularity with their innovative and creative style of shadow dancing. The shows and routines of the Pilobolus dancers illustrates that anything is possible with the human body. If you are interested in the secret of their success and how they do it, check out the video on

Pilobolus consists of three divisions:

The Pilobolus Dance Theatre – the umbrella for a series of radically innovative and globally acclaimed concert dance companies

The Pilobolus Institute – unique educational programming for schools, colleges, and public arts organizations as well as a series of classes and leadership workshops for corporate executives, employees, and business schools; and

Pilobolus Creative Services – a division specializing in a wide range of movement services for film, advertising, publishing, commercial clients, and corporate events.

Workshops given by the Pilobolus Institute are not training in dance but rather in methods of effective group creativity that use physical expression as their medium. They begin by eliminating preconceptions of what dance should be. They watch what is unique about everybody that moves, and in doing so discover infinite forms of what is beautiful and possible.

Their educational programs are designed for non-dancers of all ages as well as serious dance students and professionals, and are designed to stimulate a group’s understanding of its own creative potential by working freely in a field in which it may have relatively little experience. Pilobolus is an extraordinary company that helps people and groups of people enhance their creativity and leadership skills through the art of dance. They are a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation, supported in part by many different foundations.

So when it comes to finding a new way to stimulate creative ideas or top simply take action on something you may have doubted, try doing a little dance – in public or in private. If you can’t mustard up the courage to do it on your own, then go take some lessons. You will feel free, and refreshed . And from that feeling of freedom and overcoming you fears comes success!

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