David Suzuki – Tips and Strategies on Sustainable living

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on June 29, 2010

David Suzuki on Living Green

The video presented here is one of my favourites of someone who I consider  the real green man an enviromentalist. When it comes to living a more green lifestyle, David Suzuki a pioneer in green living can show you how, wheather you are new to green living or not can show you the way. You can always learn something new from his videos and speeches.  He will teach you how to have a positive impact on your present and future lifestyle while also having a positive impact on our planet.

The last 10 minutes are fantastically thought provoking. David offers us the nature Challenge and he creates ways for society to live in balance with the natural world that sustains us. For example he suggests you walk, bike, carpool or use transit to get to one of your regular destinations each week, or preparing your meals with food from local farmers and producers for one month this year.

I feel that David’s educational programs should be part of the school curriculum for children in primary or secondary school (elementary or junior high). Kids should learn at an early age how to respect our environment and live a greener life that is sustainable for all of us. This green man & environmentalist is truly successful in his attempts to create increased global awareness and wellness for our planet. With movies like “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore, don’t you think programs and documentary’s like these should be a part of our school system to create sustainable future generations?

When it comes to the environment and greener living, David Suzuki is a real success story. He was born in Vancouver, BC in 1936. His life was uprooted in 1942, During World War II when the Suzuki family was sent to an internment camp following the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbour. The next three years of Suzuki’s life were spent living in an abandoned hotel in a former gold rush town. After the war, he went to high school in London, Ontario. He graduated with Honours from Amherst College in 1958 and went on to earn his PhD in Zoology from the University of Chicago in 1961.

Since then, he has become the author of 43 books, and is recognized as a world leader in sustainable ecology. He has received numerous awards including the Roger Tory Peterson Award from Harvard University and has received 20 honorary doctorates from Canada, the United States and Australia.

Watch this amazing video of David Suzuki speaking. The last ten minutes of this video will change the way you live! What I would really like to know is… The single most important thing you do to live a more green lifestyle and how does that positively impact you, others and this planet.

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6 Comments on “David Suzuki – Tips and Strategies on Sustainable living”

  • Sunny Rai said:

    I’m going to read it.

  • Jai Kai said:

    Thanks Sunny… I am hoping to interview him and feature David on our Really Big Interviews Membership program. Also… you have great writing skills, if you ever want to write a guest post/article let me know and i will feature you here.

  • Janith Chipiuk said:

    Excellent interview. Enlightening and informative. Worth taking the time to watch.

  • aman rai said:

    I usually carry water with me in a stainless steel bottle because plastic is devastating
    to the planet.

  • Sunny Rai said:

    http://www.plastic-planet.at/ I guess we will see their take on it.

  • Sunny Rai said:

    Thx Jai, sounds like a great opportunity. I hope you do get that interview with cause that would be special.

    Aman, Plastics are not all that bad. Medically, there is no substitute for its functions and properties. Plastics have do so much, for example insulate electrical wires, house stereo speakers, completed finished looks to so many of our house hold appliances, the only thing humans have to do is learn to recycle, manage our resources and develop earth friendly solutions. I think we are all working towards a better tomorrow and just like you are doing your individual part the rest of us have to do ours. That way we will be a great force together.

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