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  • Post Written by Jai Kai on August 9, 2009
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Frank Maguire has walked with giants. He is a humble man who has an extraordinay success secret to share with you. In my eyes, he is a true success coach, and leader who has impacted millions of people worldwide. Here at SharingSuccess.TV we have been blessed with the opportunity to interview him and discover some success strategies which he openly shares. He also has some amazing stories. Here is a brief introduction (below) and a clip from our interview with him (above).  You can listen to the whole interview for free by clicking here

Founding member and former VP of FedEx Worldwide; former head of programming for ABC Radio Networks; communications consultant to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson; right hand man to KFC founder and pop-culture icon Colonel Harlan Sanders…Frank embodies the experience that grows from real life experiences.

He has argued philosophy (yes, philosophy) with Marilyn Monroe. Discussed batting averages with Joe DiMaggio. Jammed with B.B. King, Mel Torme, Joe Williams and Ella Fitzgerald. He took a chance on a new kid named Ted Koppel when his own boss told him to fire the guy. He has witnessed the rise (and fall) of empires. He has soared with the greatest eagles of corporate culture and yes, Frank Maguire has walked with giants.

Speaker, motivator, teacher, innovator, storyteller. Frank is one of the most celebrated business gurus of our time. He is a multi-cultural, primetime tour de force of head-to-heart energy and inspiration — sharing with thousands his valuable lessons in leadership, corporate strategizing and success empowerment…the simple, compelling secrets of truly successful business greats.

Frank Maguire has been many things to many people. He has garnished many titles in his career, won many well-deserved awards and he continues to do one thing better than any man woman or child on this planet: igniting, inspiring, infusing everyone he touches with dynamic confidence — and the firm belief that they too can achieve greatness.

And Frank tunes you in to your own vast potential for momentous achievement…your own formula/recipe/method for mastering the world around you. We all have it in us. Frank helps us to connect with it, embrace it, achieve with it.

“I have walked with giants. Each of them taught me something about myself, about life, about courage, about self-realization and fulfillment. I want to teach you those same life lessons”.

Come walk with Frank Maguire. Discover the potential and the power of the greatness in you.

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