Ghana to Win the 2010 World Cup Football Soccer Championship

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on June 26, 2010
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Who will be the winner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer Championship? Well, if I had to pick it would definitively be Ghana for many reasons. First of all, the Ghana football team has a lot of talent and skill and they have shown us this over the past few months and years leading up to this tournament. They do have some excellent and talented key players such as Asamoah Gyan, Kevin-Prince Boateng and André Ayew but they play extraordinarily well as a team. They may have lost to Germany one to nil, but don’t count them out yet. Ghana will need to beat the USA and Uruguay to get to the semi-finals

Can the Ghana Football Team really beat out Brazil or some of the other European nations?

Some might think it a far cry for the Ghana football team to defeat the other power houses but I believe it is this African nation’s time to shine. There are millions of people around the world including Canada and the USA who are cheering for the Ghana soccer team and would love to see them win or even make it to the finals. I believe that those of us rooting for Ghana do not only want to see the success of their football team but also the success of the people and nation as a whole. Therefore we are rooting for the people, the nation and Africa. Africa is a poor country with millions of men, women and children suffering from starvation and living in poverty. We all know it because we see and hear all about the suffering going on in Africa. A lot of it we don’t hear about or see. Soccer as we call it here in North America may not be important to some but other places such as Africa; soccer is their most popular and widely played sport and activity. Soccer for some brings unity, peace, love and appreciation to the people.

I believe having a nation and team such as Ghana win the world cup championship will bring a tremendous amount of unity, peace and love to the nation. It will also bring an influx of awareness to the country from millions of people around the world who can and will make a positive difference towards the people of Ghana. Ghana could use are help so lets cheer them on and give them support in anyway we can.

The following video and information is here to spread some awareness about the people’s livelihood and situation in Ghana and how we can make a difference through organizations such as the CHF.

Over 80% of the people of Ghana depend on farming for their livelihoods. In northern regions, farmers face short and erratic rainfall resulting in food shortages. CHF, one of Canada’s longest-standing NGOs, works hard to improve the incomes and food security for the poor people of Ghana

CHF is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping poor rural areas & communities in developing countries such as Ghana to attain sustainable livelihoods.

The sustainable livelihoods approach offers a way of analyzing rural poverty that respects and empowers the local people as architects of their own development. Using this holistic process, CHF involves entire communities in designing and implementing projects, and helps them to collaborate with local organizations and government agencies.

As you’ll see by visiting the CHF web site, CHF’s focus on livelihoods is applied in innovative ways to make the world a better place — from building peace in post-conflict areas and reconstructing the lives of those struck by disaster, to empowering women and protecting the environment.

1 Comment on “Ghana to Win the 2010 World Cup Football Soccer Championship”

  • Arvind Devalia said:

    Thanks Jai for an articulate and passionate endorsement of Ghana’s credentials. They were my favourites to do the best out of the 5 African nations at the World Cup.

    They have improved as the competition has progressed and if only they could finish off more of their excellent buildup play. Even again Germany, I thought they could have won that game.

    Let’s hope they can win and get to the semi-final. I do think that at this stage of the competition, the strength, power and the sheer tactical nous of the big boys really comes into play. So winning the World Cup this time around maybe a couple of hurdles too many. But I will be ecstatic to be proven wrong:-)

    No matter what, their time and Africa’s time will come. Imagine what it will do for African and its people.

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