How to Manifest your Dreams in 68 Seconds.

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on August 22, 2009
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How often do you dream of your desires? What is your strongest desire? When was the last time you said to yourself “this is a dream come true”? This next statement might seem extremely bold but the truth is…

“You have dreamed your own life”

All of it; the abundance or lack of, the highs and lows, the good or bad – you have dreamed it all. You are both the dream and the dreamer. Are you finding this a hard concept to grasp? It’s actually really simple. No one else is dreaming for you. You have full choice and complete power to create your dream starting now.

The video above is a powerful tool that shows you how to manifest your dreams and desires in 68 seconds.  To find out more about Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction visit .

I have learned that successful people dream new worlds into being. They use the power of their thoughts to conceive their dreams and they completely believe in them. They dream in spite of the naysayers or their surroundings.

Here is one of the most important secrets to success:

Seeing is Believing.  No. Believing is Seeing

I will say it one more time

“Believing is Seeing”

Successful people get their support from the compelling necessity of their dreams: Conceiving the dream, connecting to the passion, imagining it, experiencing it, learning to live in it and ultimately becoming the dream. They move forward day by day taking the steps that create their new world, and inevitably draw to them all the resources and opportunities.

Practice conscious dreaming – keep your eyes on the prize. Once you have created the dream or vision that you want to achieve, practice playing that vision on the screen of your mind. This process called visualization is like a mental movie, turning that imaginary vision into a living creation. Add power and impact into your visualization by infusing it with emotion and feeling.

If you would like to switch careers into one that is more satisfying & fulfilling, and more aligned with your values – visualize yourself in that place being happy and excited as you go about your new work. At the same time, feel the excitement coursing through your body, feel how much fun you are having, interacting with your new colleagues or customers. Notice how accomplished you feel.

You can also add sounds, tactile feelings or even smells to make your visualization more powerful. What you want to get into is the feeling of having your dream become a living, thriving, and active experience. Whatever that looks like, sounds like, feels like; that is the experience you want to evoke and imagine, as vividly and as descriptively as you can.

As you repeat this process over time, the experience of these new pictures you are playing of yourself will become habits of thought, carving an entirely new set of neural pathways in your brain. Rather than simply being wishful thoughts, nice ideas or far-away goals, these new pictures will become ingrained in your subconscious. You are planting the seed that is required to start attracting those resources necessary to allow that blueprint to unfold into physical manifestation.

It is important to note that none of this need be complicated, difficult or time consuming. It is important to be clear, consistent and to engage in the process of visualization everyday without distractions and with pure thought, feeling and pleasure . And like the powerful video illustrated here, it only takes 68 seconds.

How To Make Your Visualizations More Powerful

• Select a quiet place that is relaxing and free of distractions – make it your sanctuary

• Imagine that you are living your desire and allow all your senses to open – look around, what do you see, what are the colors and shapes around you – what sounds do you here, what are people saying or even what are you saying to yourself – what smells are present ?

• Create a vision or dream board that represents your visualization. It is another way of thinking in pictures. Search for images, words and phrases that grab your attention from magazines, newspapers or other visual sources. Compose the design; create a collage by gluing down the images and words that speak for the dream. Reinforce youe dream by looking at your vision board/collage repeatedly.

Watch the video above and practice the  68 seconds of pure thought.

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7 Comments on “How to Manifest your Dreams in 68 Seconds.”

  • aman rai said:

    I love this blog and video- this video contains such a powerful message. Thank you for sharing this amazing information. I agree that visualization is very powerful but remember how important it is to really feel the feeling of what it is that you want to create.

  • Janith Chipiuk said:

    Very powerful video.

  • Jai Kai said:

    Thank you Aman,
    I can’t stress enough how important visualizations are to me and how they have lead me to receive the things I have today.
    Enjoy your visualizations and creations.

  • JS Dixon said:

    I’ve done a lot of meditation, but I have never really looked at taking a visualization session to just let the energies with in me focus on a single purpose. I’m going to try this!

  • Kye said:

    I like this: “Successful people get their support from the compelling necessity of their dreams.”

    It really is like that. The things that you can’t not do, somehow buoy you up just in the fact of their existence. Passion is magic!


  • jai kai said:

    Hi JS,
    Visualization works well with meditation, but they are 2 separate different tools.
    A lot of the well known coaches and speakers such as Jack Canfield and Wayne Dyer recommend visualizations and also listen to Abraham.

  • jai kai said:

    Hi Kye,
    I agree passion is true magic and it is truly amazing that anything you do with excitement feeds your dreams and allows them to become real, sometimes faster than we think.

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