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Welcome to our mastermind group here on

We are currently building a global community where we can share ideas and inspirations for successful living. As a mastermind group, we are looking for new and innovative ways to create peace, prosperity, health and sustainability.

All of us have desires and passion that gives us purpose and balance. Those who have learned the art of pursing passion or things they are passionate about have discovered true happiness and ultimate success. Our goal is to have everyone that is a part of our mastermind group discover their passion and live the life they desire or dream…

Therefore, in an attempt to build a mastermind group we have begun by creating a free membership program where you can get access to interviews from people – we like to call them experts, coaches, mentors and gurus, that will share what they are passionate about and perhaps give you some invaluable wisdom on your journey to success – your journey of pursing your passion.

We originally had created a paid subscription to our membership program giving you these interviews and other bonuses, and we were quite successful, but we decided that these interviews were so great that we should just give them away.

We are truly about giving and sharing. Eventually we like to make our mastermind group more interactive (with forum and webinars) but for now you can subscribe and become a part of our global community by entering your name and email address in the box to the right. You will get access to The Really Big Interviews here on SharingSuccess.TV.

We hope you enjoy. For more information about us click here.

To your success

Jai Kai & the SharingSuccess.TV team

“Achieving success can be learned. The key to success is learning the steps to success by those who have successfully traveled the path.” – Napoleon Hill

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  • Ricardo Patrocínio said:

    Hello Jai,

    I would like to subscribe the mastermind group.

    I would also like to invite you to be a guest writer at my blog: It will be a pleasure and an honor for me if you accept my invitation.

    Any suggestions and comments about the blog are most welcome.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Ricardo Patrocínio

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