The Power Of Laughter

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on October 6, 2009
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This post was written to demonstrate the power of laughter and to give you one powerful technique to create more laughter in your life. Studies have shown that laughing reduces physical, mental and emotional stress, brings an emotional balance in a short period of time and instantly enhances your mood by releasing endorphins in you brain.

Some of the most successful and influential people in the world use laughter as a means to connect and bond with others. For instance, let’s take the Dali Lama who recently visited us here in Calgary, Alberta Canada. In his speeches, he regularly laughs – often at his own jokes and teases people in a playful way. His laugh is extremely contagious. Here is a clip of him from one of his documentary films.

So, here are some important questions to ask yourself.

How serious are you?

How often do you laugh?

Do you have a sense of humor?

People believe that in order to laugh you must possess a good sense of humor. Your sense of humor is your brain’s capacity to perceive, relate, experience a situation and then judge if the situation is funny or not. In other words your sense of humor is conditional laughter. So my question to you is, “Do you really need a sense of humor to laugh”?

No one is born with a sense of humor. In fact, small children and babies don’t have the ability to understand or tell jokes – they often start laughing when you do. Children don’t laugh because they have a sense of humor, they laugh because it is in their nature to be joyful. As children mature into adults they develop mental abilities and are programmed from joyful beingness to conditional laughter.

So as adults, how can we laugh like children again and be a little less serious in life? It is very simple. Are your ready for this amazing insight and powerful technique? Here it is…

Just Laugh A Lot.

• Tell a joke and laugh immediately at your joke.

• When someone laughs, laugh with them without thinking about what’s funny.

• Be goofy, make funny faces and laugh.

• Laugh in the face of adversity by finding something silly or absurd in the situation.

• Make up a funny song, sing it and then laugh at your song.

• Rent a funny movie, laugh at any funny part, pause the movie and prolong your laugher.

• Join a laughing club or attend a laughing yoga class (see video above).

Make laughing a habit. Remember when you laugh a lot and are happy, you are fun to be around. Laughing creates bonds with others and strengthens your relationship with them. He He He … Ha Ha Ha…

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9 Comments on “The Power Of Laughter”

  • Janith Chipiuk said:

    I enjoyed this read, and especially enjoyed the Dalai Lama video. Laughter is so important, especially the ability to laugh at oneself.

  • Steven Aitchison said:

    Jai, loved the Dalai Lama video. Your points about laughter are very important, expecially in this day and age when the media portray the world as a bad place. Laughter helps us keep in touch with the goodness in us.

  • Patrick @ said:

    Jai, these videos where hilarious – I love a good belly laugh early in the morning. Sometimes I laugh so hard that I might get dizzy. Of course you can overdo anything.

    Laughing is one the greatest gifts that the god or gods (whomever you believe in) have given us.

  • Anastasiya said:

    I loved this article and I laughed at the videos that you have chosen for it. I noticed about myself lately that I tend to laugh more than I used to before. After I have set on my road to balanced living I have started eliminating stressful and negative situations from my life. When you are relaxed about life you can always find reasons to laugh. When I find my girls in some trouble I have two choices: to be stressed out about it or to laugh at the situation and move on. I have even written a post about one of the situations when I found both of my babies covered in poop. That was horrible and hilarious at the same time. Anyway, I think more people need to concentrate on laughter and to forget about stress

  • Jai Kai - said:

    @ Janith I am glad you enjoyed the Dali Lama laughing at his own joke – he is quite humorous

    @Steve – Yes we should all laugh more – I love reading things that make me laugh

    @ Patrick – I am glad you enjoyed the video. I have yet to laugh so hard where I became dizzy but I am looking forward to it.

  • Jai Kai - said:

    @ Anastaysia – Thank you for sharing your story. I loving laughing at or with little babies because there is not much they can do to cause you stress. The are just so sweet and innocent no matter what the do.

  • Belinda Munoz said:

    Jai Kai, what a great reminder of the simplest cure-all that’s all too often forgotten. I have on occasion wanted to remind others to laugh it off when they get too wound up, but sadly, that would rarely be received well.

  • Justin- said:

    I remember reading about how laughing could increase good moods, lower stress levels, boost the immune system, and extend life, so I’ve tried to make comedy a significant part of my life. Seeking out humor, and just laughing with joy really are great ways to be healthier and happier.

  • aman rai said:

    Laughter is the best medicine……. laughing yoga is a great way to release stress.

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