See How Easily You Can Be An Eco-Hero And Save The Planet.

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on September 29, 2009
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Do you realize how easy it is to successfully live in a pollution free world with an abundance of nature sustaining a healthy environment? I spent the last 4 days with my family in the Canadian Rocky Mountains – Banff & Canmore, Alberta to be more specific. We hiked, played, relaxed and enjoyed the spectacular scenery and the beauty of nature all around us. One thing we noticed is that the people in these small mountain towns really appreciate their beautiful and natural surroundings. They walk around with smiles on their face, they happily greet others and… it seems like they do their best to pick up every little piece of garbage off the ground. From what little garbage I saw, I did on several occasions see a conscious effort of people keeping the areas and spaces clean and green.

This made me think, what if… where ever we were, and whatever we were doing, we made an effort to pick up at least one piece of garbage off the ground and dispose of it properly. If everyone, who had this conscious awareness, participated, what would our cities and towns look like then? How much cleaner and greener would our world be?

From now on when I am walking – whether it be my own city or another, I will make an effort to pick up at least one piece of garbage and do my part in helping the environment.

I appreciate any comments or suggestions you have on how we can start a global movement by taking one or several steps to help save our planet and preserve our natural beauty. Thank you

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  • aman rai said:

    Nice post… thanks for the wonderful tip. I think it is very important for us work together in efforts to clean over cities and towns. I usually contribute by purchasing products in biodegradable packaging and also I limit my shopping to things that i absolutely need that way my house stays clean and free of unnecessary junk.

  • John K. said:

    Great article Jai! I started to add a few more things myself that will help us to make this planet a cleaner place to live. 1) I started to compost my trash instead of throwing it out. 2) I now use eco-friendly household cleaners, and 3) I now use recharable batteries instead the one time use batteries. I know that there is a lot more things that one can do to help but if everyone comes together to make a couple small changes, we can make a big difference. I also think that it will help even more if there were stricter laws imposed by governments or municipalities on this huge global concern. One example is Singapore (I’ve been there) that is internationally recognised as the ”Garden City” or the cleanest place in the world where you can be fined or arrested just for spitting, littering or selling chewing gum.

  • Justin- said:

    There is a revolution that is very dear to me which could be done with this. Rather than look for a leader, choose to become a leader. Rather than look to legislation to solve our environmental problems, we should look to one another. Rather than spend tax money on making the world better we do it ourselves. Never look for leadership in what you have the power to do yourself.

  • Jai Kai - said:

    @ aman – Great point, prevention of waste and garbage makes less of it to be disposed.

    @ John – Excellent points, These are great ways to become more sustainable and help clean our planet up. Having the awareness and performing these small tasks with a little effort helps. As for government policies, I agree – we could have some stricter laws or at least make it easier to recycle, such as more available bins.

  • Arvind Devalia said:

    Excellent post Jai Kai.

    Doing our own bit is somethig I am very passionate about – and I have been harping on about this for quite a while.

    It really is up to each one of us to our bit – it is time for all of us to be more socially responsibile.

    Remember Gandhi’s famous quote – “Be the Change you wish to see in the world”.

    Ideally we should all live our lives in this manner:-

    1. Always endeavour to have a positive effect on others.
    2. Have a mind set to contribute.
    3. Refrain from causing negativity in his environment e.g. by throwing litter on the ground, or by gossiping.
    4. Our social and economic activities will have a positive or neutral impact on the environment.

    The world is certainly ready for personal social responsibility – just do your little bit and it will all build up.

    And Jai Kai, your children’s children will stil lahve green world to savour and enjoy in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the years to come:-)

  • Kye said:

    This post put a smile on my face. It reminds me of how my mother used to pick up bits of trash when she was out and about. One time she told me she was a neatener-upper. Before retirement she was a psychologist, and when she told me that, I thought, ‘how true!’

  • lordes julie said:

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