Stop Wasting Your Life! Live The Adventure.

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on August 29, 2009
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  Live the adventure surf photo courtesy  of  j. barriault

Jump! Take the leap. What are you waiting for? Most of us have seen those Indiana Jones movies that are exciting and full of adventure. What if we could live life like one of these adventures? Well the good news is you can.

We all have dreams and desires. We all have our plans for what we would like to do in the future – “someday”. The truth is that our lives are so hectic and so busy that “someday” may never come. We take life for granted, in fact the very word “life ” sounds boring. From now on I am going to replace the word “life” with “adventure”. Instead of asking people “How’s Life” I am now going to ask them “How’s your adventure”.

What are you waiting for. Get out there and start living your adventures. Your life is truly a playground. Ops… Your adventure is truly a playground. So have fun, play and live your adventure boldly and fiercely. Fill it with events, activities and things that stretch your imagination, test your boundaries, and make you step outside of your comfort zone. 

At the end of this article, I give you 5 inspiring ideas on how to create an adventure.  To see a list of my adventures over the last few years visit the about us  page.

Often we refrain from living our adventure for fear of making a fool of ourselves. We envy those who brazenly go out and climb mountains, compete in triathlons and surf the waves. To breakthrough those fears and obstacles, ask yourself what are the restrictions that hold you back from what you would really love to do? Most, if not all, are imaginary. Remember the old FEAR acronym – False Evidence Appearing Real. Those thoughts and restrictions can be dissolved easily. They disappear when you make a conscious choice – to be adventurous, to walk on the wild side.

By engaging in activities that compel you to step outside your comfort zone, you will find yourself using physical, mental and emotional abilities that you never knew existed…

And what a thrill that is. If you ever had a roller coaster ride – remember the trepidation, and anxiety that besieged you before stepping into the car. Once the ride got underway, there was no stepping off – you yell and scream, you hold on for dear life. How did it feel after the ride? Did it feel as if every sense in your body was engaged? Were you all charged up and ready to go again? 

Feel the joy and welcome the new and the unexpected.

Often, we protect ourselves from doing by living in self-preservation mode. We do not want to be disturbed. We insulate ourselves from what is new because it threatens us. The call to adventure allows us to conquer our fears and provides us the space for new experiences.

Not all adventures need to be so demanding. Do you want to learn to speak Italian, Spanish or French? If it’s not practical to fly to Europe for language immersion, find a school or continuing education night class close by.

Adventure is not just about the grand, epic and expensive things we do, but rather about doing anything out of the ordinary or putting ourselves in any new situation.

Yes, traveling to a far off land or bungee jumping is an adventure, but so is going for a walk in an unfamiliar part of your area or taking up a new hobby such as a cooking class. It does not have to cost anything, and it doesn’t even have to require a great deal of effort..

Successful people, make the commitment to live the adventure, whatever it is. So join that club, try that new restaurant or take that course. Make a commitment to taking that first small step and the adventure feeling will follow. Ask yourself this single most important question?

What are Your Top 5 Adventures you would like to do Now?

Write them down and post it where you can see it. Then do it!

5 inspiring ideas on how to Create an adventure

1. Check out volunteer vacations. Perhaps choose a country in poverty where you can be of some assistance. That way you will not only have fun, but you will also be making a difference in the world.

2. Make an adventure out of something ordinary in your life. Invite friends over to dinner and prepare dishes from a country you have never been to. Present the dishes in their local names and dress up as if you a native of that region. Have your friends do the same.

3. Are you afraid of the water? Learn how to scuba-dive and discover a whole new world of wonder. You may be surprised to find out how beautiful the unknown is.

4. Are you afraid of public speaking? Sign up for Toastmasters’ International, an acting class or even an improvisational comedy class.

5. Strike up a random conversation with someone you don’t know at the coffee shop, the grocery store, the gym or the yoga studio. Make a connection with them – perhaps tell a joke and laugh.

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15 Comments on “Stop Wasting Your Life! Live The Adventure.”

  • Kye said:

    Jai, it seems to me that the crux of your post is “”

    What you’re saying is oddly related to something I just read on Madeleine Kolb’s blog, about the importance of doing unfamiliar things in keeping the mind sharp (you can find what she wrote at ). Lately I keep coming across writings that emphasize the importance of embracing new challenges.

    I think your particular contribution on the topic, is telling us that there is a thrill to doing things outside our comfort zone. It’s not a job, it’s an adventure



  • Kye said:

    oops! I meant to go back and pick up the part of your post that really summed it up for me, and put it inside those two quote marks — that would have been, “By engaging in activities that compel you to step outside your comfort zone, you will find yourself using physical, mental and emotional abilities that you never knew existed”

  • Anastasiya said:

    I completely agree on the importance of taking an adventure in life. I think that my last 3 years were one huge adventure in the world of unknown. I got married and then we had two wonderful twin-girls (is there any better adventure in this world? I doubt it ) Then we (my husband, my 6-months-old babies and I) moved to the US from Ukraine (it’s a 16-hour flight and a 7-hour time difference). That was tough… and it required a lot of courage on my part particularly… And, yes, I did take a scuba diving class just a few months ago. I was not afraid of water but my husband has been scuba diving for 10 years now, so it has always been his dream to scuba dive with me.
    I feel that my life is full of adventures and new emotions and I feel that it makes me a better person, it broadens my horizons and helps me to constantly improve myself.
    Thanks Jai for this wonderful article.You are absolutely right, we need to get out there and start living our adventures.

  • Aman rai said:

    Thanks Jai… I love living life to the fullest and making everyday an adventure.
    Thanks for your inspiration… Today I had a wonderful adventure with my camera

  • Jai Kai - said:

    Thanks Aman,
    I am glad that you can make everyday an adventure. keep taking those amazing photos… They are awesome

  • Jai Kai - said:

    Your right, stepping out of your comfort zone is absolutely thrilling.
    I think it is something we can all do more often.

  • Andy Dickinson said:

    Thanks for the great post and constant reminder of the “life is to be lived”. I love the quote: “he who is content is rich, Lao Tzu”. We can have a tendancy to just plod and gather rust. Richness in life can be the ability to motivate others.

    Thanks for reminding me to have the courage to try Salsa, and to go back to Tango, and to say yes more often.

    Andy Dickinson

  • JS Dixon said:

    I love how you focus on an adventure being just doing something out of your normal rituals, and moving outside of your comfort zone. It really drives home the point that adventure is something any of us not only can but should have.

  • Charley Forness said:

    Hi Jai,

    You know the line that got me was where you said, instead of asking How’s life, ask How’s your adventure? I think we do so many things on automatic pilot. I’m just as guilty of it as so many. When you walk by somebody at work, you say “Hey, Jai, how you doing?” Most of the time it’s “Oh, can’t complain” or “Oh I’m good, you?”

    Good lord, if we only took the time to spice up the little things in life, like these little conversations, I think it might translate into some of the awesome changes that make life an adventure.

    Thanks for the great post, Jai!

    - Charley

  • Madeleine said:

    I think that getting outside your comfort zone or expanding the size of it is essential to growth. It’s interesting that two of your five inspiring ideas involve facing a fear.

    I faced my fear of public speaking by joining Toastmasters 9 years ago, and that led me to take acting classes and an improv class (one of the most entertaining and mind-expanding things I’ve done). In fact, one of the best TM speeches I’ve ever heard was about how “Fear is a compass, pointing you in the direction you must go.”

    Now I need to face my fear of the water.

  • Patrick said:

    Here is a great quote: “The road called someday leads to a town called nowhere.”
    These are great tips to free yourself from the limited mindset that we have come to accept.
    There are so many things to enjoy and experience in life.

    As another inspiration you should check out John Goddard and learn about his life-list.

  • Krishna said:

    Hi Jai, love your post. Full of passion and a great call to action. Love your idea to strike up the random conversations, can’t wait to try it out .

    You know, so many times, once you start with something, your mind and body have the intelligence to take you through to the finish. Just have to trust yourself and your ability to take things to completion!

  • Mexico said:

    What template are you running on this site ? I really like it. Could you post where you got it from ?

  • Jai Kai - said:

    @ Mexico – I had this site custom designed from a friend. But you could set something up similar to this using wordpress thesis visit

  • Rodrigo Medina said:

    Hey this post its great this kind of thinking has always driven my life and so far i think i can say
    i have had some great adventures but there are plenty more things I still want to do I would
    like to recommend the movie “Into the Wild” for everyone who wants to go out there and
    experience real life!!

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