Success And Happiness Is Both The Journey And The destination

  • Post Written by John Kairupan on November 21, 2009
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There is a powerful relationship between getting to your destination and the journey involved with that. Have you ever notices geese flying in their famous  “V” formation – going south, thinking whenever they finally end up they will  enjoy a new adventure along with a beautiful warm climate.

This is just a reminder of what mystery is yet to come as we like the geese take flight on our journeys. I live in the gorgeous city of Ottawa  and like many other spectacular places in Canada, I have thought of spending another winter at home, and enjoy the winter sports of skiing, skating, and of course shopping malls.

On the other hand I do have this dreadful feeling of shovelling snow, driving on slippery roads, and the perpetual cold temperatures that is making my body aches from head to toes. So why not escape the winter and experience something new – set out on an adventure.

One of my goals has always been to travel and visit South America.  I have also thought of my adventures goals that someday I would like to spend at least 3 months or more in a country where I can learn their language and culture. In return I will do what ever I can to contribute to their community.

What if  someday we could live one of these adventures and look forward to both the journey and the destination? Well the good news is you can. Does it sound too far fetched? Heck no! Life is full of adventures. That “someday” will never come if you don’t do it.

So this time I am going to take the leap and hop on the plane, going south, just like the Canadian Geese who can fly for up to 16 hours in a stretch.  How did I do it? Here is how.  I have set these adventures goals along with a plan of actions for quite some time. I made this dream a reality by visualizing not only my destination but also the little adventures on the way.

The mind is a powerful tool…

The power of effective goal setting and visualizing should not be overestimated.

If you set goals clearly, you will greatly increase your chances of achieving them with ease and in a short time. Goal setting is establishing a stake in what you want. You have to know where it is going to lead you, what you are going to get out of it and how it relates to your worldview. Clear goals are the right tools on the path to success.

Give meaning to your goals, and frame your goals in tangible terms.

If you set a goal of achieving a certain level of gross income, it will mean nothing unless you give it meaning. And you do that by asking what will that provide.  It could be a new home, an education for your child, financial security, or a chance to travel.   If your goal is to be happy, turn it into something measurable by specifying what happiness means to you. Expressing it as “spending four hours of quality time with your family each week in a fun, learning activity” is a tangible goal.

Write down and visualize your goals.

This is the most important part. Keep a journal of your goals and desires then close your eyes and use your imagination as you visualize them. Have fun and go with the flow as you picture and engage your senses in the adventures you would like to create for yourself. Do not worry about making them perfect.

So what are you waiting for?  Just do it! You too can set new adventures goals and enjoy both the journey and the destination.

The successful people I know always practice goal setting and visualizations. They have strong desires and make their dreams a reality. They use the power of the mind and thoughts to deliberately create.

So, ready or not… Chile and Peru here I come!

4 Comments on “Success And Happiness Is Both The Journey And The destination”

  • Arvind Devalia said:

    What struck me first about this post is the stunning image!

    I kept looking at it for a few seconds before I could bring myself to look at the words:-)

    That image is calling on me to also follow my own adventures in 2010. I am going to let my subsconcious mind work on this and allow it direct me.

    Only this morning I wrote on my facebook status:-

    “It’s not about your destination or where you are going, but about who you become along the way, the amazing, inspirational people you meet on your journey and of course the fun and adventures you have:-)”

    So 2010, here I come!

    Thanks for a great mind-tingling thought.

  • Belinda Munoz said:

    Jai Kai, have a fabulous time in Macchu Picchu! Thank you for another great post. Love your attitude.

  • John K. (author) said:

    Thank you for your great comment and for sharing you quote – just keep feeding your subconscious mind with the right food for thought and it ultimately will manifest positive situations in your life.

    I am glad to know that you are enjoying this post – It is I, John
    (a guest post for who is now responding from the Chilean Patagonia.

    Thank you


  • Need to Cure Autism said:

    Great blog. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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