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  • Post Written by Jai Kai on July 22, 2009
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What is success coaching all about? It’s precisely what the name implies in that it is used to coach people on how to become more successful in their every day lives. Success Coaching involves traing people to become more successful with their family & relationships, health & wellness and business & career.  Success coaching teaches you how to ignite your passion and transform your creative energies into postive measurable results. Success coaching plays a big role in transforming a person, so that they become a more effective and successful leader. A lot of Success coaching involves turning someone into a “better” leader for a business or enterprise. So it requires helping a person transform themselves in such a way that he or she is now able to make better and more informed personal decisions for his or her own career and his or her own life.

Success coaching is about making better people instead of better things! Here at we promote Success coaches who have the skill-set, experience and training to support others in need of developing their success and leadership skills. We also promote leadership and success training tools, materials and resources to create more efficient and effective leaders and success coaches throughout the world. We feel that the success of our planet depends on our future leaders of tomorrow.


As a success coach, you will train a person in the art of never settling for mediocrity, and instead demanding excellence in all things. Of course, this will begin with the person in question–not with others around him. This kind of coaching draws forth a person’s inner capabilities so that he persists with passion in his chosen direction until he gets results that meet or exceed his expectations. The emphasis will be on inner change, not changing outer circumstances. The outer will change eventually, but only in harmony with what has changed internally.

As you can probably imagine, there are any number of emotional blocks, delusions, scars of the past, and fears that you might encounter in a person as you coach them, just as leaders find in people whom they are leading. One of the most important parts of your task as a success coach is to get people to realize that they aren’t what previously happened to them; they are what they choose to become. What happens to you may be fate, but what you choose to do with what happens to you is ultimately how you create your own destiny! Read about the law of creation on


As a success coach, you will help a person discover or realize what she is missing in her life or career, and help her get that missing element into her life and work. There are many, many possibilities here. A person may feel that she cannot get out of a job that she hates because of her finances, previous education, or some other reason. A person might feel like he has no purpose in life or can’t figure out what his purpose is. A person might feel like his life is filled with clutter and disorganization, but he isn’t sure how to clear and organize his life so that he has greater joy and satisfaction. A person might be trying to get to the next level in her career or her life, but find herself hesitating with what decision she should make in order to get there. A person may simply wants to lose weight or otherwise become fitter and healthier, but need some guidance and inspiration to overcome feelings of inevitable failure. Some people are simply looking for ways to make more or stronger relationships, business-wise and personally.


Some of the things you would do for a person you are success coaching include: Getting the person to set short term and long term objectives and keep them realistic while also making sure they are ambitious enough. Helping the person to see and become aware of the obstacles that have been holding him back. Constantly checking up on and measuring the progress of a person, while at the same time giving her plenty of personal room so that you aren’t just holding her hand. A success coach can make all the difference in the world to someone, and help to turn a mediocre career or life into a glorious one! To realize the importance of having a coach check out Jonathan Mead’s blog post “what to do when  your goals don’t work”

To start your way on becoming a success coach check out some of the success training resources on our success resources page. If you have any recommendations on Success Coaching courses or How to Become a Success Coach please share in the comments section below.

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  • Sunny Rai said:

    Nice Post Jai,
    I have some past experience which was a outer change which resulted from a inner change. I post an article about my experience here… take a look and tell my what you think about it. you will find the website of one of my favorite teachers/instructors.

    And Jai… sorry I’ll work on the beer.

  • jai kai said:

    Thanks sunny for sharing your article…Your right it’s about syncronicity – setting your intentions and accepting the truth & beauty unfolding each and every moment. This weekend we also stayed in a beautiful hotel room -111

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