Do You Have What it Takes to Learn and Explore the Deeper Meaning of Success?

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on June 5, 2010
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Note: It’s been some time since I have posted a blog due to spending much amazing time with my beautiful baby boy who just turned one. Also I just gave birth to another passion which I believe will help transform the yoga world and revolutionize the practice of Yoga. It’s called yoga matrix and you can check it out at It’s inspired by Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics and I hope to write a blog post about it soon.

The word success has a different meaning to everyone. To me, the meaning of success goes beyond our material world that we live in. I believe having success is more than just being popular, having an education, a well paid job, a big house and a new car.

Here are some new ways and definitions of looking at success.

1. Success is not about what you have but how you feel about what you have. If you are in that state of being where your whole body is filled with joy and the presence of life then it truly does not matter what you have and own.

2. Success is about breaking the conventional rules and making your own rules about what makes you feel good and ignites your passions.

3. Success is about changing the ways you observe things. When you observe things differently in a more positive light or in a way that suits your perspective in having a more positive experience, you are successful.

4. Success is not trying so hard. It’s about accepting and letting go. It’s about going with the flow- moving downstream and allowing the river to carry you. It’s the path of least resistance and getting out of the way so you can be the way and let your passion flow.

Spiritual Success

Spiritual success involves reflection, introspection and contemplation.I urge you to contemplate what success means to you. Write down and look at it often. Ask yourself, are you truly successful on all levels of your being. Do you feel good about your health, relationships, your financial status, your material goods, your emotions, your thoughts and your spiritual practice?

It really comes down to how you feel at any given moment which is now. Not the past or the future. If right now in this moment you feel lack or perhaps not good in some of these areas of your life, that’s ok. In fact, it’s perfect because you now have this realization for change and transformation.

Accept where you are without condemning yourself and be open to the possibilities for change. Trust in the universe and the messages that come your way. Explore them and learn from them as they will teach you the deeper meaning of success and lead you to a life filled with joy.

Success Media & Success Blog

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