The Art Of Giving – For Success

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on August 4, 2009
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Giving is a beautiful experience. It is a powerful feeling to be able to give. By giving, you are living to your potential, you establish connections and you become fearless. Giving reduces fears. Ask yourself if you are living in fear of an economic disaster, fearful of your savings shrinking or your mortgage not being paid? Giving is a key part of overcoming your fears and establishes your trust in an abundant universe. It also reduces self-centeredness and isolation and makes you more connected to others.

By giving, you are opening yourself as a conduit. The more you allow giving to flow through you, the more abundance flows back into your life. The more you give the more room you are making for things to come in.What can you give? The key to giving is offering something that is meaningful and that you feel good about. Determine what you have that would be of value to others. You may have more to give than you think. That could include more money, the ability to babysit, to volunteer at a hospital or to give something intangible like your personal attention. even the gift of listening is an excellent form of giving. You can give love, knowledge, hope, laughter or touch. Kindness is a wonderful form of giving. As the saying goes “Practice random acts of kindness”.

 There is no shortage of people you can give to. Make a gift to your children and teach them the beauty of giving. You can teach them to take care of the environment and to leave it in better shape for the generations to come.  Giving is about creating and sustaining relationships. In order to have a successful relationship and a happy family you need to establish the habit of giving -  especially the little things. When ever you do something for family and friends do it with love and appreciation. Remember for friends and family that you can give time and that is one of the most valuable forms of giving. For your spouse, establish a date night.

Also remember that sometimes it is healthy in a relationship for you to give in by agreeing with your partner.
Say yes more often! It is not only what you give, but how. Give unconditionally without expectations of getting something in return.

Practice conscious giving. A good question to ask is what is the “maximum impact from my giving?” For example, do you give 10% of your income to charities but spend another 10% on shoes that remain in the back of your closet? Successful people give generously because they know that there is more from where it comes. They give to make a positive difference because they know that their giving will change lives. They give of their money, of their time, of their abilities, of their connections. By giving, you are affirming to the universe and to the world you have
more than enough. And truly, the co-creative universe will respond accordingly.

Action steps for the art of giving – for success

1. Try saying the affirmation to yourself daily, “I am enough, there is enough, the universe or God provides all that I need.
2. Start small. Clean out your closet and drop off your clothes, shoes and handbags at the local goodwill, clothing bank or Salvation Army.
3. If your life is such you cannot volunteer your time on an organized basis, give of your energy in simple ways. Give to the environment by picking up  and recycling empty plastic bottles as you are walking in the park.
4. Practice escalator giving. If you find that a tithing of 10% seems too much, start with 1% of your income. Then the next year, increase it to 2% and 3% the year after. You will be surprised how easy it really is and how much more you have to give from.

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6 Comments on “The Art Of Giving – For Success”

  • aman rai said:

    I agree…. giving also makes me feel happier and light…..

  • Janith Chipiuk said:

    Great reading! Giving is a form of success unlike any other because there is a feeling like no other that comes with giving. It is a feeling that keeps you warm for a long time after the actual action. A warm feeling greater than that of receiving.

  • Krishna said:

    I remembered the book “Never eat alone” when reading through your post. In this book Keith Ferrazzi talks about the fact that effective networking is all about giving and helping without keeping score. Very powerful.

  • Linda Wolf said:

    Thank you for this article – I’ve been thinking about giving myself, in this season of gifts and holidays, and agree with you that a lot of it is about making sure you have enough for yourself first. I’ll tweet this post.

  • Jai kai - SharingSuccess.TV said:

    @ Linda – thanks, I am glad you enjoyed this post. Enjoy the gift of giving to yourself.

  • high speed test hartford said:

    What a gem! It’s too bad more people haven’t heard about this site, this article covered exactly what I needed this morning

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