The Truth about the BP Gulf Oil Blow Out! What can we learn from this.

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on June 16, 2010
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The video and interview above is very inspirational and quite a success story. Mike Williams describes his experience during the blow out and blow up of the Deep Water Horizon off shore drilling rig he found himself stranded on. In a moment of adversity he was able let go, accepted his situation (even surrendering to death if that was his fate) and make a decision by being in a space of complete awareness. I believe his extreme courage and presence willed him to keep going and survive this extraordinary ordeal. Perhaps even his Higher Self and guardian angels had something do to with it. I think his interview here really sums everything up and in a sense I feel Mike Williams is a hero.

I wasn’t going to write or publish anything about the latest oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico because there is so much anger, resentment and negativity surrounding the issue and I am truly about promoting positivity and personal transformation. Then it dawned on me that what’s done is done (actually this crisis is not over yet as experts are currently, at this time of writing estimating 20-40 thousand barrels of oil are still leaking into the ocean every day) and perhaps something positive can come out of the situation. And, we as world consumers of oil can learn something from this.

So I have taken some time to shed some light on the whole oil situation with regards to our planet and how we can become more responsible in our own daily lives. The Oil devastation may be out of our hands and there may be nothing we can do about it, but we as individuals can transform and change the way we use certain products in our society that will as a result have a positive impact on our environment. We can also make a bold statement to the companies who produce oil that we are sick and tired of their greedy profits, and the devastating and detrimental effects they are having on our planet.

So… how do we create change? How do we as individuals change the way we use certain products and make that bold statement to the big oil companies and corporations?

It’s really simple and it all starts with a little bit of awareness and conscious decision making on our part. I believe the solution is to…

1. Choose alternative energy sources and

2. Cut back on products and services that are involved in the consumption of oil.

With these two simple steps perhaps we can send a message to the oil companies that we don’t need their oil. After all, our planet is evolving and we are finding more effective and efficient sources of energy that are more sustainable and desirable to our planet. Once the demand for oil lessens we will convey the message that we don’t need to be so dependent on oil and our planet and eco-system can change towards a healthier and more sustainable way of living.

How to choose alternative energy sources and cut back on products and services that are involved in the consumption of oil?

It’s not an easy task but there are ways. Yes you can build a solar power house or buy a hybrid car by why not start with simple habits such as riding your bike more often, taking public transit and buying local products & food that don’t require a large consumption of oil and gas to transport them.

Food is one of the biggest ways we can make a difference. Think of the millions of tonnes of food that are imported to our towns and cities each week. How much consumption of oil & gas is required to produce and transport the foods we eat?

Personally I stay away from refined foods and buy fresh local food and products whenever and wherever I can. I love supporting the community – purchasing my food from the local farmers market and my clothes from a local designer. If we can learn and teach our children and younger generation about the slow food movement, I believe we can have a positive impact on our environment and the earth we live on.

I am not saying that we neglect ourselves of those tropical bananas and pineapples but that we consider alternatives and use them. For instance, you could eat more locally gown fruit. You don’t necessarily need to stop drinking coffee or tea because it’s imported but seek to find some balance so not everything you consume is imported.

Another way to make a difference and to have a positive impact on our planet is to reduce your carbon footprint (click the link to learn more about this).

There are many things we can do as consumers. We should learn to become more aware of eco friendly and green friendly ways to maintain and sustain our planet so other generations can enjoy what our earth has to offer. One person I have learned a lot from is the green man Dr. Suzuki who I consider to be my hero when it comes to sustainable living and preserving the earth.

By choosing alternative energy sources and purchasing more  products not involving the consumption of oil, we can lessen the demand for oil and live comfortably with less dependency on the world’s black gold.

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