Yerba– Drink This Beverage For Your Health & Success

  • Post Written by Jai Kai on October 19, 2009
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yerba mate for health & success courtesy of Nandoacha

If you are looking for a healthy beverage to improve your mental clarity and boost your energy levels then I have the answer for you. It’s called Yerba Mate, and it’s the social beverage consumed by millions of people at local cafes and homes across South America. It’s a tasty beverage that is becoming more and more popular in North America and around the world.

So why is Yerba Mate gaining fame and popularity?

Yerba Mate has been researched and known to:

• Boost immunity

• Stimulant Brain hormones

• Reduce fatigue

• Detoxify blood

• Reverse aging

• Control Appetite

• Fight Insomnia

• Aid in weight loss

• Cleanse colon

• Combat allergies

• Increase energy levels

• Relieve stress

Most people drink Yerba Mate because it sustains energy and makes them feel good. In addition to these effects, Yerba Mate has numerous health benefits. The chemical components of yerba mate are similar to those found in green tea; however, yerba mate is much more nutritious.

When infused like a tea, Yerba Mate produces and contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that strengthens your natural defences and protects your body against cellular destruction. And, although it has caffeine and considered a stimulant it doesn’t seem to have any side effects.

Yerba Mate’s Antioxidants

Yerba Mate is full of antioxidants which are the body’s main defence against free radicals – chemical compounds produced in the body as a result of toxic exposure to pollution, radiation, heavy metals, and pesticides. Free radicals can lead to a wide range of infections and degenerative diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, premature aging, and strokes.

Yerba mate contains high contents of vitamins A, C, E, which are potent antioxidants. It also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3 (Niacin) and B5

Yerba mate &Vitamin A – Essential for immune system. Prevents night blindness. Aids in skin disorders and acne.

Yerba mate & Vitamin C – Vital for tissue growth and repair. Benefits immune system.

Yerba mate & Vitamin E – Aids in circulation. Vital for tissue repair and maintenance. Useful in treating PMS, fibrocystic breast disease.

Yerba mate & Vitamin B1 – Essential for the function of the nervous system, heart muscles, and brain.

Yerba mate & Vitamin B2 – Creates body tissue and red blood cells. Aids in the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Yerba mate & Vitamin B3 (Niacin) -Aids in treating osteoarthritis. Helps with digestion.

Yerba mate & Vitamin B5 – Enables adrenal gland function and nerve transmission. Helps with the production of red blood cells.

Yerba Mate also contains Carotene, Chlorophyll, Flavonols and Polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants found in other super-foods such as acai berries, gogi berries and blueberries.

Yerba Mate also contains a variety of minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Selenium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Zinc which supports the natural health and wellness of the body.

Yerba mate & Iron – Essential for immune function. Vital for hemoglobin production. Aids in energy production.

Yerba mate & Calcium – Assists in blood clotting and regulates hormones, muscle contractions, and nerve impulses. Strengthens bones and teeth.

Yerba mate & Potassium – Necessary for nervous system, hormone, and muscle function. Regulates blood pressure and controls heart activity. Balances water & sodium.

Yerba mate & Magnesium – Essential for heart and muscle function. Vital for bone formation.

Yerba mate & Manganese -Essential for bone and cartilage formation. Aids in sex hormone function. Activates enzymes for vitamins absorption. Necessary for metabolism of proteins, fats, and cholesterol.

Yerba mate & Selenium - Antioxidant. Prevents heart disease and cancer. Aids in immune response. Needed for tissue elasticity.

Yerba mate & Phosphorus -Vital for healthy tissue repair and growth. Necessary for metabolism of calcium, vitamins, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Aids in energy production.

For more information and a details on the health benefits of Yerba Mate


You can also order online a variety of types and flavors – all their teas are certified organic and are of fair trade practice

Coffee vs. Yerba Mate – I used to be a coffee drinker until I discovered Yerba Mate.

I will admit that I do like the taste of coffee and it does seem to boost my energy and make me more alert. However, I often get the jitters from drinking coffee and the alertness an energy I experience doesn’t last very long – maybe one to two hours at the most. If you are a coffee drinker try replacing a few cups a week with Yerba mate.

Drinking one cup of Yerba Mate a day, usually in the morning, keeps me alert and focused throughout the day. I feel balanced and I don’t burn out and crash like I would sometimes with coffee. There are many different flavors of yerba mate – my favorite being Chocolate Macaroon, Mint (for fresh breath) and Lemon Grass. You can add lemon, your favorite sweetener and even prepare it as a latte. So why not give it a try and see how you feel!

6 Comments on “Yerba– Drink This Beverage For Your Health & Success”

  • Sunny said:

    Thx Jai,
    Where can I get some… health food stores?

  • yoda said:

    Yeah, I think you should be able to get them at health food stores. If you know what what brand you want, you can also get it online, of course. I trust Wisdom of the Ancients brand. I always use their symfre tea for colds! It always works, and that’s all I use (with the possible exception of a little vitamin C every so often).

    They have Yerba Mate Royale with SweetLeaf Sweetener Stevia in it (regular, vanilla, lemon, or chai flavors). They also have mate without stevia if that doesn’t float your boat!

  • John K. said:

    What a great article! Many people in South America carry a thermos with Yerba Mate and most importantly is the “Bombilla” and a metal straw to sip out of. And what I have learned is that one should not use boiling water in Mate as it will destroy the nutrients and antioxidants found in the Mate.

  • Jai kai - SharingSuccess.TV said:

    @ Sunny – Hey bro… I have some Yerba for you next time you are in town but I purchase mine loose from a store called Steeps Tea House

    @ Yoda – thanks for the advice on the teas – That’s great that you can use specific Yerba Mate teas/infusions for colds.

    @ John – your right the tea needs to be brewed properly. let the water cool for a minute after boiling and then steep for 3-5 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea – and taste.

  • aman rai said:

    i love chocolate flavored yerba matte.

  • Muscle Boost said:

    Am I able to achieve results immediately or will it take a while to show up?

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